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I understand there are many questions when it comes to the wedding film process, so I've included a frequently asked questions page here. My goal is to make sure you are informed and happy with your wedding film experience.

Booking Process

What is the deposit to secure you?

To secure your big day I take a 15% non refundable deposit. then the remaining balance 30 days before your big day

Can I get a custom package ?

In short, Yes ! my half and full day packages are the most popular but I can tailor to your big day.

How do we keep in touch?

You can get me on WhatsApp, Email, Facebook or Instagram. All details are on the bottom of this webpage - I'll try and get back to you within 24hrs 

Filming Process

Do you film everything?

I film two big parts of your big day continuously and from two angles: ceremony & speeches. The rest of the day I film in small 10-20 second chunks throughout  - I'm always looking for the moments you will want to re watch, but I'm not filming all the time! so you don't have to worry about what you say! 

I don't know how to act on camera!

You don't have to! I will get you to chat to each other, that usually looks most natural and at most I will ask you to have a cheeky kiss, by that point you'll be used to it, don't worry ! 

What if I'm camera shy or my guests are? 

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, I tend to stay a bit further back and use zoom lenses to get close to the action. My aim is to have fun with you and everyone, if someone looks shy I'll break the ice and show them what I've captured! I only capture the flattering stuff!  No faces full of food here! 

Editing Process

How long will it take to see my videos?

I aim to get your trailer to you asap, but in busy months this can take 14 days. All videos will be sent to you within 4-8 weeks 

Can I have music from the charts?

Unfortunately chart music needs to have copyright licences, which can cost into the thousands for 1 song. The music I use is paid for by me and fully licensed. I can share the site with you to browse or you can ask me to find similar music to an artist and I will try my best! 

Do you colour grade our wedding?

I do indeed! Your footage is captured in a log profile, which I colour grade unique to your film. My background in film production, saw films I colour graded in the past win awards . I love colour grading each wedding I film! 

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