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Twighlight / Out of Season Packages

Winter is a beautiful season, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of biggest challenges is the lack of daylight. With shorter days, it can be difficult to get everything done that you would normally do during peak season, especially when it comes to filming a wedding. To reflect this, I have adjusted my pricing for weddings between Nov - March and mid-week weddings . I understand that these types of weddings may require more flexibility and creativity due to the reduced daylight, and I want to make sure that my pricing reflects that. I believe that everyone deserves to have their special day captured beautifully, regardless of the season or day of the week. So if you're planning a wedding during the off-season, don't let the lack of daylight discourage you. With my adjusted pricing, you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding video that you'll cherish for years to come.

Wedding Rings

To Cherish

Wedding Dress

To Hold

Wedding Welcome Sign

Your Everything

Bride Prep - First dance

♡ Drone*

♡  Wedding Trailer

♡ Highlight Film (7+ min)

♡  Online Gallery & Digital Download               links

Bride Prep - First Dance

♡ Drone*

♡ Wedding Trailer

♡ Highlight Film (7+min)

♡ Full Ceremony

♡ Full Speeches

♡ Premium wood display box

Bride Prep - First Dance

♡ Drone*

♡ Wedding Trailer

♡ Highlight Film (5+min)

♡ Feature Film*  (30+mins)

includes more of everything captured from your big day, your full ceremony and full speeches

♡ Premium wood display box

The 'To Cherish' package is perfect for couples who want to relive the magic of their wedding day. I will capture all the key moments, from morning prep, the grand entrance, speeches and the first dance, and use video/audio segments from the ceremony and speeches to build your bespoke highlight film and trailer

The 'To Hold' package is designed to capture more of the  big moments shared between you and your partner. From the tender exchange of rings to the loving glances, I will capture the pure love and connection that you both share. with everything from the 'To Cherish' package and your full ceremony and speeches as separate films too.

The 'Your Everything' package is the ultimate wedding film experience. This package will contain more footage from the early preparations to the late-night celebrations, capturing every detail and emotion along the way. From the heartfelt speeches to the energetic dance floor, we will create a comprehensive and breathtaking feature film that tells the complete story of your wedding day, on top of the highlight and trailer as standard.

* Notes:

Drone use is subject to checks, local laws, distance to airports or busy air space, and weather conditions. The length of the feature is dependent on the expectation that the ceremony will last at least 12-15 minutes and the speeches last at least 15 minutes, if not the length of the feature will be shorter. Please note that the times next to an option '(7+minutes)', are the minimum you can expect from your big day. First looks & Walking down the aisle content can only be guaranteed if they happen and are conducted with enough time for setting up for the ceremony.

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