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Wedding Day Tips: Best Places for Hair and Makeup

Alright, brides-to-be, let's talk about looking fabulous on your big day. We all want to look like queens, right? Well, lighting is key. Here's the lowdown on making sure you shine like the star you are, without any awkward shadows or funky tints. Read to the bottom to see two beautiful examples.

Why Natural Light is Your BFF

For videography and photography, natural light is like that friend who always knows your best angle. Sitting near a window—preferably a giant one—can work wonders. Natural light shows off your true colors, literally. No weird shadows or unflattering tints here!

Beware of Venue Lighting

Ever noticed how some lighting makes you look like you're in a 1970s family photo? That’s low CRI (Color Rendering Index) lighting for you. Basically, it makes everything look kinda...meh. Think dull colors and unflattering tones. No thank you!

Hair and Makeup Ring Lights

Sure, HMUAs (that's hair and makeup artists for those not in the biz) love their ring lights. And they do add a nice glow. But they’re more like the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Natural light is the main event.

Top Tips for the Perfect Hair and Makeup Space

Okay, here’s the deal. When your suppliers are setting up your glam station, keep these in mind, if you don't ask, you don't get.

1. A Big Window/French Doors: Natural light, remember? The bigger the window, the better. Think of it as your personal spotlight.

2. Readily Available Plug Sockets: Your HMUA will probably have enough gadgets to open a salon, so make sure there are plenty of plugs near your glorious window.

3. Space for Everyone: You need room for your bridal party, HMUAs, photographers, and that one cousin who always shows up early. Nobody wants to feel like a sardine in a can on their wedding day.

4. A Nice Chair: Pick a comfy chair with a low back. High-back chairs might force your hairdresser into a game of Twister to style your hair.

5. Keep the Space Tidy: Create a refreshment corner for snacks and drinks—away from the action. And if you want your getting-ready pics to be Instagram-worthy, maybe assign a bridesmaid to tidy up as you go. Or embrace the chaos for a more "real-life" vibe.

Final Thoughts

Don't be shy about asking your HMUA to set up near the window. Trust me, they'll probably thank you for it. And don't hesitate to ask your venue to show you a couple of room options. They might not know these lighting tricks either! It's your day, and you deserve to look and feel amazing.

Final, Final Thought

Don’t fret too much if the room you have is limited for any and all these things. Your pro videographer (that’s me!) have tons of experience in all settings and are rarely fazed by issues. This is more of a help sheet for those who are still setting up their dream getting-ready room.

With these tips, you'll be glowing, comfortable, and ready to rock your wedding day. Happy planning, and may your hair and makeup be ever in your favour!

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