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Which side does the Grooms flower go? The correct placement of the buttonhole flower/ corsage: 3 easy steps.

I often find myself popping over to film some short extracts of the groom & groom's party getting ready, it's often a relaxed affair where suits are being donned, drinks are flowing and jokes are being shared... however, a little unassuming element is often sat waiting to cause all sorts of mayhem, that is, the button hole flower. This seemingly minor detail often causea a surprising amount of confusion among grooms! However, fret not, with the following guidance, you will undoubtedly become a boutonniere aficionado!

Now, you might think, "Well, it's just a flower, how hard can it be?", let me tell you, I've witnessed more buttonhole-related confusion than you might think. Don't worry, though, take these 3 steps to become a buttonhole boss!

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room (or should I say, the flower on the lapel?). The groom's buttonhole goes on the left lapel. Not the right, this is step 1! This isn't just some random rule – it's to do with tradition! Now, some might joke that the left placement is a subtle nod to the fact that your partner is always right (wink wink), but that's a story for another time, your florist will know more about the lineage and could be a good ice breaker discussion! thank me later.

Now, onto the placement, Step 2. Forget that little stitched slit on your jacket (that's a decoy, my friend!), most people forget or can't unstitch this and thats fine. I was told once that traditionally the stem is pushed through that to help fix it at the back more, but it might tickle your ear! I prefer the aesthetic of the the buttonhole flower being a tad lower, right above your heart. Picture it as a little symbol of your love blossoming right there!

Here's the key to avoiding any last-minute fumbling: Step 3, practice makes perfect! Ask your groomsmen to do a trial run with the flowers before the big day. Trust me, it'll save you some serious stress and those pre-wedding jitters.

And aye, if all else fails, don't worry! That's what your awesome wedding videographer is here for. I've got a keen eye for detail (and a steady hand for flower placement in a pinch).

But let's be honest, wouldn't you rather look effortlessly dapper on your wedding day? and have me capture all those hours of practice!So there you have it, future grooms! With a little practice and this handy guide, you'll be rocking that buttonhole like a champ. Now go forth and conquer your wedding day, one perfectly placed flower at a time!

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